To Show ​Our Love and Appreciation!

We Honor and  Celebrate Our Seniors!



You give back to your community by lending a helping hand when you volunteer. As a Volunteer, you have the opportunity to acquire new skills, build relationships, experience personal growth, increase in self-confidence, explore a new career path, and so much more!


       Your generosity means so much to us. As a Donor, you will be contributing to a worthy cause.  Blossoms For My Mom  is a service of Una’s Place of Hope  Incorporated, which is established to provide exceptional and excellent service to our Senior Guests in an environment where they will blossom as they age gracefully. We thank you for your dedication and support to this Organization, and hope you will consider the well-being of our Seniors by making a monetary or in-kind gift .


The Beauty of God's Creation

Program Director :-

Denise M. Woods MBA, MAR

The Flower of The Field